Customer Service Assignment

As we start off the week, try giving your team this informal assignment. As they go about their weekly activities, ask them to consciously notice the level of service they receive as they interact with companies and their employees. Ask them to look at the physical environment, observe employees as they serve them as well as other customers, and pay attention to the processes they experience during the interaction. What was good? What was not so good? What was dismal? Ask them to mentally note as many details as possible.

At your next team meeting, request that members of your team share their observations and how the experiences make them feel. Did the experience make them definitely want to come back? Definitely not want to come back? Or just leave them neutral? Then ask the group how their observations relate to your organisation and to their own jobs. This is a quick benchmarking experience that can pay great dividends.

When Walt Disney was planning Disneyland, he sent his “Imagineers” to visit amusement parks and carnivals, and to observe what customers liked and didn’t like. He used this knowledge (particularly the dislikes) in the design of Disneyland. Rather than a haphazard layout, everything would be organised and themed. Rather that surly “ride operators,” Disneyland would have “hosts and hostesses” who treated customers as “guests.” Much of what makes the Disney parks what they are today came from this simple strategy of observing competitors and putting the knowledge to work.

Why not send an email to your team today? Simply ask them to pay attention to their experiences over the week, note how those experiences made them feel, and be prepared to discuss it at your next team meeting. I’m convinced it will be an eye-opening and beneficial exercise for the entire team.



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What is your company’s environment communicating?

“Everything Speaks” – every detail of a company’s physical environment is communicating a message (positively or negatively) about the company’s brand. Such as stockroom doors left open in full view of customers, dirty or dusty shelves, messy desks, etc.

The Managing Director of one firm took this approach to heart and he started carrying a digital camera with him, taking pictures of good and bad Everything Speaks examples (primarily bad) throughout the office. As a part of his regular staff meetings, he would have a short photo presentation highlighting what he’d seen during the week. It wasn’t always the most popular agenda item of his meetings, but it certainly made his point clear and problems were quickly taken care of.

So why not take a walk through your operation with a digital camera and do the same thing? Yes, it could rub some people the wrong way, but I guarantee the Everything Speaks message would get around pretty quickly.


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Pay Less Tax Budget 2013

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Pay less tax (Email)- Budget 2013

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Lucentum’s Specialist Sectors

Whilst most business models are very similar there are number of specialist areas which can benefit from the services of a team who are experienced in dealing with these and know and understand the specialist models.

We have extensive experience in a number of these areas including Farming and Agriculture, the Construction Industry, Education and Schools and the Not for Profit Sector

Building Profits – The construction industry is one of the most volatile sectors in the UK economy, and careful planning and advice are needed to maintain efficiency and competitiveness.

Forensic Accounting – There is a good chance that at some point in your business or personal life you will find yourself involved in a legal dispute over money.

Investment and Financial – We believe that because we deal with your accounts we are well placed to offer impartial advice in areas.

Manufacturing – The manufacturing sector is plagued with uncertainty, and is often hostage to factors beyond its control.

Medical Profession – From a financial point of view, the medical profession is probably the most complex of all the professions.

NFP Sector – The not for profit sector faces its own unique difficulties. Whilst traditional businesses strive to make and retain a profit, this sector strives hard to survive.

Retail – The retail sector has always been one of the most competitive business environments to operate in.

Education and Schools – In this current age, the finances of the education sector schools need to be run almost as a business.

Off-shore Trust Structures – Many more owner managed and family businesses are using offshore trust structures to protect their wealth.

Farming – This is an area where advice and assistance from professionals with specialisms in the sector is essential.


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