Lucentum’s Specialist Sectors

Whilst most business models are very similar there are number of specialist areas which can benefit from the services of a team who are experienced in dealing with these and know and understand the specialist models.

We have extensive experience in a number of these areas including Farming and Agriculture, the Construction Industry, Education and Schools and the Not for Profit Sector

Building Profits – The construction industry is one of the most volatile sectors in the UK economy, and careful planning and advice are needed to maintain efficiency and competitiveness.

Forensic Accounting – There is a good chance that at some point in your business or personal life you will find yourself involved in a legal dispute over money.

Investment and Financial – We believe that because we deal with your accounts we are well placed to offer impartial advice in areas.

Manufacturing – The manufacturing sector is plagued with uncertainty, and is often hostage to factors beyond its control.

Medical Profession – From a financial point of view, the medical profession is probably the most complex of all the professions.

NFP Sector – The not for profit sector faces its own unique difficulties. Whilst traditional businesses strive to make and retain a profit, this sector strives hard to survive.

Retail – The retail sector has always been one of the most competitive business environments to operate in.

Education and Schools – In this current age, the finances of the education sector schools need to be run almost as a business.

Off-shore Trust Structures – Many more owner managed and family businesses are using offshore trust structures to protect their wealth.

Farming – This is an area where advice and assistance from professionals with specialisms in the sector is essential.


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