e-BOC (Essex Business Owners Club)

Welcome to e-BOC Chelmsford!

Networking is recognised as today’s most beneficial way to gain quality business referrals and recommendations.  Every business has its own, unique network of resources already in existence. This is often under-utilised, forgotten or even ignored. So expanding this network is essential to bring new life, new challenges and fresh opportunities to your business.

Key to the success of e-BOC (Essex Business Owners Club) is the balance between cost-effective, value for money networking and the provision of ongoing business support through business education.

I know what you’re thinking – “not another bloody business networking meeting!”  Well, there are many of them about, but none of which offer all of the following to its members:

  • A fresh approach backed by a you and active team of successful business people
  • Value for money with renewals set at the same level of joining
  • Ongoing education, development and support
  • An organisation, which is not afraid to embrace new technology, but retain what works
  • A meeting structure that is educational as well as business orientated
  • Members who are ambitious for success

Each two-hour meeting is structured so that you get the best group experience, plus one on one talking time, too. A supportive, mentoring environment like this is a hot bed of ideas and inspiration.

You and your company become part of a business community that gives you support, advice and new business. We achieve this by ‘pooling’ knowledge, contacts and expertise.



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